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Don’t hide behind your frames - show the world your face without compromising your vision. Come to Nassau Vision for the best solutions in contact lenses.

Showcase your face not your frames with contact lenses from us.

•  Extended wear contact lenses

•  Daily wear contact lenses

•  Soft contact lenses

•  Contact lenses for astigmatism

•  Multifocal contact lenses

•  Gas permeable lenses

•  Disposable contact lenses

•  Bifocal contact lenses

•  Colored lenses

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Change your eye color with our quality lenses. We have a variety of colors to choose from. Stop by today for your contact lens fitting and evaluation.

Dr. Elliot Roth, O.D., an optometrist with over 36 years of experience will provide you with fast yet thorough

eye exam.

Experiment with your eye color

No matter your lifestyle, we have contact lenses for you. Including extended wear, daily wear, soft, multifocal, gas permeable, and more. We even carry contact lenses for those who have an astigmatism.

Contact lenses for everyone

Put your face front and center